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A preview option in addition to Copy to Clipboard

I think it was there before, may be I've just missed it somehow this time.

When I click on Publish, I can see the article content (showing the formatting) in a page. The only option is to click on the text and it auto-copies to clipboard.

Some time ago I was able to see the "pure" article text, like in a preview mode. That way I just copied the text (without formatting) and used it for poreparing the post.

Now, after the text auto-copies to the clipboard, I have to clean up the formatting (changing <p><strong> to <h3> for example) and I have to check that I changed all the default formatting to the one I use on my blog.
It unnecessarily requires more effort, attention, and time, as with formatting it's better (i.e. results to less errors) to write the code from scratch rather than to change existing formatting.

Is it something that I'm missing? I believe it was different last time I used PJ as I used to always bypass the view with the default formatting.
Default formatting might be good for some bloggers (if they utilise the same way of formatting). If there is an option to preview or to copy without formatting, that would be helpful.

Thank you.

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