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New Confirmation Checkboxes

Some of the latest enhancements to the PostJoint platform are nice. However, the addition of 2 new checkboxes on the confirm publishing page are intrusive and unwarranted. I do not categorically agree to not make changes to content on my blog without first asking someone else if I may do it. I do not categorically agree to not make adjustments to links -- which oftentimes become broken or later point to something different than when first linked.

And I do not agree to carry an article forever. While I might not remove an article (I can't think of when I've ever done so), I do not believe that someone's payment of a few dollars entitles them to perpetuity (even regular advertisers have an expiration date on their ads).

All of these changes are for the benefit of the advertisers. Often, the content put forth for publishers to publish has to be rewritten, reworded, and citations researched before it can even be published!

These steps taken by PostJoint are punitive to publishers. Without publishers, there wouldn't be a platform.

Kindly reconsider.

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  • Erik M. commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    At the very least a couple of checkboxes should be added to the marketer side as well... stuff like:

    1) I agree that I am subject to a fee if I contact the blogger to have this post taken down at a later date

    2) I agree that none of this content INCLUDING THE BYLINE is duplicate or is being used in other blog posts

    3) I agree that I will not irritate bloggers with messages asking to decrease bids below my budget price

    I have very active accounts on both the marketer and blogger sides and I can assure you that the more abusive side of the PostJoint relationship is that of the marketers, who are charging far more in fees to their clients than they are trying to pay the bloggers.

  • AdminPostJoint (Support, PostJoint) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks for your feedback. Editing is not an issue as long as the marketer / author is aware of the changes and in most cases improvements are welcomed. The confirmations are designed to prevent problems down the road and clarify that posts should be permanent. If a problem occurs down the road with dead links etc - of course its fine to address them. We'll see if we can clarify the wording.

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