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Ban Marketers That Don't Pay On Time!

I'm not sure what category to put this in.

I've published quite a few articles from PostJoint marketers on my various blogs. I recently had a problem with a marketer who's article I published on my blog on April 30th. By May 5th he still hadn't paid.

I messaged him and he made some lame excuse and said I would be paid by end of week (Friday May 9th). Friday came and went with NO payment, so I took the article off the blog. He finally made payment Tuesday May 12th - way past the 5 business day deadline.

I put the article back up on the blog. The marketer sent me this message: "So you filed a report straight after you messaged me, you got a response within 24 hours, still gave negative feedback.... Either way you have payment now but don't expect future posts. If you want to work with businesses you will need to understand that payments can not always be made fast."

Yes, I gave him negative feedback - his original message to me was a lie, he did not pay me by the end of the week. He did not pay until I gave him a negative review.

PostJoint's policy is that the bloggers will be paid within 5 business days of publishing the article. I am a freelance writer and need to pay my bills. I can't wait until somebody feels like paying me. If they can't meet the 5 business day deadline then they shouldn't be allowed to do business on PostJoint. I gave the marketer a negative review and noticed he already has a negative review for a similar situation - non payment!

I would appreciate if someone from PostJoint could look into this matter before someone else runs into problems with this marketer.

Thank you for your time,
Lynn Smythe
Freelance Writer & Bloggers

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AdminPostJoint (Support, PostJoint) responded  · 

We already have a process in place to deal with non paying users. First we send reminders, keep a check on their account, and if we see a pattern of problems, their accounts can be suspended. As noted in the comment below, admin or other operational problems can sometimes cause delays too. You can always submit a problem report if you’ve already tried to message the user.


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  • JJ COOP commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I know rules are rules.... but I think you're in a rude awakening if you ever enter the 'real' world of business. Many people won't pay invoices for weeks at a time...

    There could be a variety of reasons a post can't be realistically paid in 5 days - having to get it signed off by a client who is slow to respond, over spending on their Paypal and needing to get more money into it, etc.

    If someone has a lot of positive feedbacks already and they're late paying then all you can do really is wait - removing the post is just making the situation worse as now they'll be looking at not paying at all, or doing a charge back if they paid in the mean time.

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