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Additional Quality Metrics for Choosing Host Blogs

It's great to have PR, DA, Alexa and Klout. But what about other social signals? I personally look for reader interaction signals like number of comments a blog has, number of likes and tweets per post, also the percentage of guest posts compared to genuine author posts.

I look at this stuff anyway when considering offers, but it would be useful if you could pull these metrics into the system for a quick-summary.

Not sure an automated script could do this, you'd need a moderator to score the blog quality based on the above.

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  • JJ COOP commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Having a moderator score based on something is useless long term - too many blogs are going to score highly when they get in then just start posting crap all over the place... the scores will no longer be valid and it will be counter productive to even have them listed in the first place.

    Comments on your own posts are far too easy to fake.

    % of guest posts would be good... but with more and more people putting links in content and not mentioning its even a guest post at all... I don't see how you could do this.

    I don't really think there are any more stats that are both automated, and useful. I think we're stuck working with PR/DA really. Number of linking domains would be great but I asked for that already and was told no.

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