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Lowering Credit Costs

Currently for a post to be published it will cost 3 credits. Assuming each at the lowest of $1 per, it will come to $3 for a posting. Adding blogger's fee and content development, it's quite a sum.

I suggest lowering Credit costs. I know business has to be profitable and would definitely like to see lower credits make marketers pump in more content.

Another thought, like all networks, the service provider usually gets back less, with a fee to the network. In other words, PJ can charge a spread on Blogger, for instance, for a $10 job, blogger will receive less than $10. What I am thinking is that Blogger is getting great content from Marketer and they get paid for receiving free content! All they need to do is post it. It's easy enough to make that money. So it's better to charge on them, than to charge on advertisers whose cost is already high to get a piece of content coming in this ecosystem!

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  • Vernessa Taylor commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Wow, given the bottom-feeder rates being offered by many marketers, I can't believe anyone thinks it's a good idea to now "charge bloggers" to post content on their sites. In fact, other than the spammy blogs prevalent in the system, most serious bloggers add value to the the content by referencing good sources, finding appropriate images (there aren't ANY usually included with the post) and finding videos that illustrate the point.

    The "fee" that marketers pay is an administrative cost for the work a serious blogger has to do to prepare the post to fit with its requirements and properly appeal to its readership.

    PostJoint deserves to be paid for the service it provides to MARKETERS: giving them access to a pool of "vetted" blogs and bloggers that they would otherwise have to spend dollars on outreach campaigns to find, vet, and negotiate with, themselves.

  • AdminPostJoint (Support, PostJoint) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    You can now prevent offers from sites you've already published on. Simply use the checkbox when adding a new post. We also new and improved blocking features (site and user level).

  • Laura Ginn commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm just chipping in on the irrelevant post problem again - I have a current post in the gallery that is only related to home cleaning. The only blogs I am interested in publishing on are blogs in the home improvement niche, and I specifically only chose relevant keywords in order to be matched with these blogs. 4 out of the 5 blogs that bid are mummy blogs that accept any old post. Four were reported as irrelevant yesterday yet I am still waiting for you to accept this. Why not just get rid of having to pay to repost an article - your site is not efficient enough for you to charge for this at the present time.

  • AdminPostJoint (Support, PostJoint) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    JJ - Thanks for your feedback. We are right in the middle of releasing a feature to "Prevent offers from sites I've already published on". It should be ready later this week.

    Since we first started charging, we have reduced the cost of credits, and if you buy large quantities they are quite cost effective.

    We're also working hard to improve the relevance based on your feedback and other system improvements. If you make irrelevant offer reports and we accept them, new spaces for offers will open up.

    There are also new site and user level blocking features available.

  • JJ COOP commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Look at this one I've just dealt with -

    That is just a complete waste of both time and money - I've just had to immediately repost it without even bothering looking at what the bloggers are saying, as I can see I've used them all already.

    I know I get one repost for free... but it could happen again. And even if it doesnt, there is one thing that isn't free - my time. Its garbage that we're being forced into doing this - its not only wasting our time and money, but the bloggers also. So nobody gains from this (well Postjoint do in the short term as I'm wasting credits, but its hardly a long term win is it)

  • JJ COOP commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Why make us go through reports? Just automate the full system. Let us automatically kick blogs out of an offer spot and reopen it up immediately, but with the other outcome of that that blog is automatically blocked from bidding on that specific project again.

    That way we can't boot decent blogs just for the sake of it, or we'll quickly run out of blogs to post on.

    Another thing - its unfair to make us keep paying for bids from blogs we’ve already used. I done one set of 5 offers tonight and I’d used 4 of the blogs already for that project. The 5th one that was left was junk… meaning I’ve just wasted that money uploading that post. Why can’t we have an option to tick a box saying we don’t want bids from blogs we’ve used? Some people need to build unique linking domains for clients (I’ve got a bit of leeway there but only so much). No matter what someone bids on some projects, I’m not going to accept it if I’ve already used it.

    Back when the system was free, these issues content providers were having were not so major - it was just a slight hassle to post stuff again etc. But now we’re now paying real money to use this. I don’t think we’re currently getting brilliant value for it. Money wise its still okay, even if we need to repost - but if you’re going to take our money then I think you need to listen to the feedback… and right now multiple people are crying that you’re making us pay multiple times for the one thing.

    Daniel Tan - the prices aren’t that bad if the couple of obvious issues with shit offers / blogs we’ve already used is fixed. Postjoint won’t have been cheap to build in the first place, or support ongoing. If you think you’re going to get posts live for 20 cents… its not happening. Also, forget who actually pays for the credits whether its the blogger, content provider, or both. We’re the ones who pay in the end either way - charge the bloggers and they are going to add that price onto the prices they bid anyway.

    I added $1000 in credits today - but I’m not feeling like I’m getting brilliant value here as I think its a very valid request to be able to block multiple bids from one blog, and its been asked for several times. I suppose like Laura I’m going to run down the credits I have then re-evaluate whether I’m going to bother continuing at all.

  • Laura Ginn commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I emailed them the other day because quite frankly I think it is completely unfair to charge marketers for credits when useless blogs bid on our articles. My email and Post Joint's reply is below:


    Hi Simon,

    I have tried to leave a comment on the forum but I am currently unable to post. I just wanted to make you aware of the following. This is what I tried to post:

    Having to pay to repost articles is absolutely ridiculous! I have made a point of placing posts on here and only giving them 'keywords' that are extremely relevant, yet I am constantly flooded with poor quality offers, which is then leading to me needing to repost my article time and time again. If you can't find a way to make sure only relevant blogs are bidding on the posts, we should not have to pay to repost the article.

    Just as an example – I currently have a post on here relating to birth control pills. My keywords are ‘health’, ‘sexual health’ and ‘birth control’ because I am only interested in placing this article on a health blog. Instead I have mummy blogs (I hardly ever post on these as they’re too general), fashion blogs and a blog relating to cupcakes on my offer list. If the blogs that are bidding on the post are not suitable (through no fault of my own) why should I have to pay to repost it?

    Kind Regards,


    Thanks for your insightful feedback. We are thinking about how to improve relevance and considering options like allowing irrelevant offers to be replaced with new offers (opening new spaces up). Ultimately we want you to get quicker results and not have to constantly re-post. Unfortunately we cannot remove the reposting charge due to abuse of this. However the first repost is always free.


    Hi Simon,

    I don't mean to be rude, I really don't. But in order for me to be able to use the service it needs to be effective. I have reposted the article that I mentioned before and I have since had lots more useless bids that I am never going to accept. Take a look at my other active articles - you will see I am having similar problems.

    I have tried placing comments to bidders for example saying I am only looking to post on PR1+ health blogs but others still bid. I've even had people knowingly read what I write and still bid saying "please accept I really need this". Right now it is costing A LOT for me to publish an article. I have the initial writing fee, the PostJoint fee for posting and accepting a blog via PostJoint (and then the fee for however many reposts needed) and then the webmaster fee and somewhere in the middle of this I need to actually take some money myself for the effort it takes. I'm actually working at a loss through your new system and it's through no fault of my own. I have no option to be able to streamline the process because irrelevant blogs are constantly bidding on articles that they are not suitable for, so I am having to repost time and time again.

    Kind Regards,


    Hi Laura,

    Thanks again for your feedback. We have taken this on board and are working out how best to improve relevance and reduce the need reposting.

    You'd think that they would suspend the fee for reposting UNTIL they had sorted out the relevance issue. A start might be to stop blogs using unrelated keywords to describe their website. It's beyond a joke from my point of view.

  • Erik MacKinnon commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Still no feedback from PostJoint in here, eh? Kind of surprised given that this is the most important item they will need to get right to ensure their business is profitable and sustainable...

  • Daniel Tan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We just need another similar network coming in strong competition to force the prices down.

  • Laura Ginn commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    (and before JJ Coop appears telling us all we have poor business models - we are willing to pay for the service, but with the numerous reposts it is currently not worth it. It would be more feasible to pay 2 credits when we send a post to a blogger rather than the 4+ it is currently taking.)

  • Laura Ginn commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree with Chris. As much as I wanted to pay to use PostJoint, the fees are making it hard for me to make a profit from guest blogging any more and as such I am having to reduce the amount of work I am doing for small companies.

    Like I said before, I pay good money for high quality content, then I pay a blogger for their service, and then I'm having to pay PostJoint. I can't afford to buy hundreds of credits at once so am ending up with the higher tariff of credits. With unrelevant blogs bidding on my articles, I need to repost more than once and by the time I've found somewhere to send a blog to, I'm at a loss.

    I'm going to finish using the remainder of my credits and then put a hold on all guest blogging work for a while. With three lots of costs, it's not worth the effort it takes.

  • Christopher Hoole commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree the credits system is using a lot and is becoming costly.
    As an advertiser it costs:
    -1 credit to post
    -1 credits to repost [and another 1 for every other repost, so this can mount up to 3+ credits]
    -2 credits to publish
    Then as publisher it costs again i believe. I dont know this side of things so if someone could add their thoughts it would show a clear picture.

    I totally understand and get the credits system, but from what i see it can easily cost 7+ credits from both sides to get a post from A to Z.
    At $1+ a credit, it can easily cost $7+ per post to publish.
    A cost i dont think many people can afford or want to pay.

  • Andrei Dinu commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The credit system was implemented for the bloggers too. Since it was implemented I personally started to mostly publish posts for free for offers lower than $10-$15... Simply it is not worth buying credit to publish a $10 post... I'd better publish it for free.

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