Who creates the content and is it unique?

Content is supplied by independent authors and professional marketers who are seeking to promote their websites by getting guest or sponsored content published on third party sites. Each piece of content is unique and created specifically for the publishing site.

The main content requirements are that all posts must:

  • Be high quality, well-written and free of spelling / grammar errors
  • Provide real value to the reader and not be overtly promotional 
  • Not contain any adult language or objectionable words / backlinks 
  • All content must be original and unique (Copyscape scores are shown)
  • Any images must be royalty free, properly attributed or used under licence
  • All posts should be written exclusively for use by the host blog
Here is our full content policy.

Can I see some sample content?

Since all content is produced by the authors' themselves on a post by post basis, there is no sample content. You can preview excerpts of the actual post as well as the outbound links before deciding to make an offer. You can only see full posts once your offers are accepted, but don't worry if you chance your mind - its easy to cancel the deal.

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