Will Google penalise me for using PostJoint?

PostJoint connects independent marketers and bloggers so they can easily arrange publishing deals on their own terms. 

  • We do not own, host or contribute to the content or sites in any form
  • There are no widgets, codes, footprints or logos connecting the sites together
  • You will not be added to any sort of public database
  • You will not receive unsolicited messages
  • You can delete your account with one-click at anytime

Our unique, no browsing approach and zero footprints principle means that nobody, including PostJoint users or Google, can browse through a complete list of our registered sites or users.

PostJoint is a unique closed system where you control the interactions. You are not obliged to make offers, and if you chose not to, nobody will know you're on PostJoint. If you do make an offer, only the user that created the opportunity will know about it. This is a fundamental difference between us and other similar systems.

Will Google penalise me?

Quality control is a big part of what we do at PostJoint. Users, sites and content are all moderated by real people. We are selective about who we work with and do not tolerate spam. Our content and linking guidelines are created with your protection in mind.

As long as you don't let your standards slip just to make a quick buck and follow our guidelines, chances are you will be fine. 

Your privacy 

We take your privacy seriously and all data is stored on secure servers. Your personal details are safe with us and will never be shared with third parties.

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