How can I improve my offer accept rate?

Your offer accept rate is an important performance metric, calculated based on the total number of offers made divided by the total number of offers accepted. You can see your current score under Account > Feedback. Your score is shown to marketers when you make new offers as part of your profile.

To maximize your accept rate, make well considered offers and don't offer to publish posts that are irrelevant to your site. 

Here are 10 ways to increase your accept rate: 

  1. Only make offers when the opportunity has relevance to your site
  2. Include a personalised note with each offer, nobody likes copy and paste proposals
  3. Publish some posts for free - this is a great way to boost your accept rate 
  4. Work on increasing your PageRank, Alexa, Domain Authority and Klout
  5. Focus on a demographic and organise your site around a niche
  6. Sites laden with guest posts only are off putting - publish your own content regularly 
  7. Include Tweets with your offers
  8. Update your blog description to sell your site in the best possible way
  9. For paid opportunities try offering below the advertisers maximum budget
  10. Increase the number of likes, comments and shares of your blog posts
PostJoint offers great potential to grow and monetize your site, as well as being a good source of fresh, unique content. You just need to find a strategy that works for you and learn what works best. 

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