How do I send a payment to a publisher?

PostJoint is an independent intermediary and does not collect or send payments on your behalf (nor do we take any commissions). To send a payment directly to a blogger use your own PayPal account. You will be sent details on how to make payments after your posts are published. 

1) Login to your PayPal account and click on "send money"

2) Enter the bloggers PayPal ID in the "To" field, enter the amount, set the currency to USD and select "Services" as the purchase type. Then press continue

3) Paste the unique confirmation link from PostJoint to the "Email to recipient field". You MUST complete this step so the blogger can identify whiuch post the payment is for. Otherwise your payment might get lost. 

4) Click on "view transaction details" and paste this back to your PostJoint panel to complete the process.

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