How does PostJoint work?

What are opportunities?

Our independent marketing clients use PostJoint to find quality, relevant sites where they can get guest or sponsored content published. All opportunities are created directly by marketers. You can browse through these and make publishing offers when appropriate. 

All opportunities are first come - first serve

Opportunities disappear once they have received five offers. But don't worry if you can't find an opportunity that suits you straight away. Just setup your email alerts and we'll let you know when there are new opportunities that match your criteria.

Your live opportunities

Your opportunities are determined based on the content interests for your blog. You can edit these at anytime but ensure they are relevant to your site for best results. Sites with some sort of focus perform the best on PostJoint so avoid using unrelated keywords just to get more opportunities as this can affect your account status.

You can set a minimum budget and save your settings for the default view and your email alerts:

You can further refine your opportunities by blocking campaigns or users that don't interest you. These options are best used when you see a pattern of unwanted opportunities from the same campaign or user. Just click on the small arrow next to the opportunity to access these features:

Making an offer

Click on the opportunity to view the outbound links, an excerpt of the post, Copyscape score, the max budget and word count. If everything is to your liking, go ahead and submit your offer by filling the fields out.

If your offer is accepted you'll receive an email and you should normally publish the post within 48 hours or let the marketer know the publish date by messaging them. If your offer is declined it will be automatically filed under 'Inactive Offers'.

Don't worry if your offers don't get accepted straight away, give it some time and keep making offers to fine-tune a strategy that works for you. 

You can only see full posts once your offers are accepted. But don't worry if the post turns out to be unsuitable. Just hit 'Cancel Offer'.

Publishing a post

Create a new post on your blogging interface as usual. Then copy paste the supplied content or HTML over. No programming skills are required. 

You can format the post to suit your blog, address any spelling or grammar issues and even add images. But you should not edit the content or links without letting the marketer know.

Once you've published the post, paste the live URL of the post back onto PostJoint. Our automatic post tracker will check the post on a regular basis to ensure that you don't sneakily remove a link or take the post down!


Marketers usually pay within 5 days of the post being published directly to your PayPal account. PostJoint is an independent intermediary and does not handle payments or collect any commissions. 

After publishing

Each post has its own message thread for you to contact the author and discuss any amendments. We encourage you to respond to any comments received on the post.

Staying safe with Google

As long as you are maintaining your quality standards, there is no reason to be afraid of Google. Content marketing is growing year on year as marketers seek to engage their audiences in more meaningful ways. Using PostJoint does not leave any footprints and we've written a post about how to protect your sites here.

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