What if my posts are deleted or edited?

We have a fully automated post tracking system that regularly checks all of your published posts to see if:

  • The post URL is responsive
  • The links are still active
  • The content has changed 
  • The link attributes have been edited (nofollow, anchor text, etc)

If a problem is found, you'll receive an email asking you to verify the problem. Once you've confirmed, you can start a process to get the problem resolved.

If the tracker makes a mistake and the post is intact, you can ignore the problem (the tracker is not 100% accurate). 

Aside from the tracker, you can also submit problems to our moderators yourself using the 'report problem' link from the post page:

We encourage our users to work things out mutually, not forgetting that feedback can be edited at anytime. But if that doesn't work out, you can escalate the issue to admin. For more information about how we deal with problems, please refer to our rules and policies.

If we discover that an entire website is down, usually due to hosting or technical problems, there is a different process in place.

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