How do I target the sites I want offers from?

When you add a new post, we ask for the following information which we use to match your posts against the blogs in our database:

Main theme - Select the most relevant option, thinking about the sort of audience you want to reach.

Precise targeting - Enter 1 to 5 related keywords, thinking laterally about related concepts. These keywords have nothing to do with search engine meta tags so don't get this mixed up! When you start typing keywords are auto-suggested with an indicator showing the approximate number of matching blogs. Use the popularity scores to ensure that your opportunity is seen by enough bloggers. 

Top Tips
  • Think laterally about what sort of blogs you want to appear on, not just what your post is about
  • Avoid obscure, commercial and broad keywords like 'food' or 'health'
  • The more specific your keywords, the higher relevance you'll get 
  • For on-going campaigns, try varying your settings to get different results 
Example Settings for Post: A Students Guide to Travelling Japan on a Budget 

Main theme - Travel

Precise targeting - students, flights, Japan, hotels, accommodation, budget travel, asia travel

Example Settings for Post: Five Items Already in Your Fridge That Can Flush Toxic Substances From Your Body

Main theme - Fitness & Exercise

Precise targeting - detox, healthy food, dieting, weight loss, alternative health, natural health

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