How can I control the opportunities I receive?

From 'Account > Blogs > Edit' you can manage your blog settings. The following fields control the opportunities you receive:

Main theme - Select the most relevant option for your site. 

Related keywords - Enter between 1 and 10 related keywords without deviating from the main theme. When you start typing keywords are auto suggested.

You can edit these settings at anytime. There is also a "Manage Opps" shortcut button from the top of your opportunities page to access these settings.

Top Tips
  • The more keywords you use, the more opportunities you'll receive (don't sacrifice relevance as making irrelevant offers can result in poor feedback and affect your account status) 
  • Avoid obscure, commercial and broad keywords like 'food' or 'health'
  • Fine tune your opportunities by blocking campaigns or users when you see a pattern of unwanted opportunities (use the small arrow next to the opp)
  • Try experimenting with different themes and keywords to get the best results for your site 
Example Settings for 'Jane's Detox and Dieting Blog'

Main theme - Fitness & Exercise

Related keywords - detox, natural health, alternative medicine, dieting, weight loss, healthy food, smoothies 

Example Settings for 'Tom's Digital Marketing Mania'

Main theme - Digital Marketing & Social Media

Related keywords - seo, search engines, Google, pay per click, ecommerce, conversion rates, websites

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