What are your quality tiers based on?

Our sites are segmented (by hand) into three quality tiers that you can target with your post. Remember - the more attractive your post in terms of budget and content quality - the better sites you'll get offers from. 

All sites are limited to making offers below the maximum fee for their category. They can however drop their fee to any amount, so a Pro site could make offers for $40, but not $260.

Basic sites
- These are newer sites maintained by part time bloggers. Likely to have more ads and outbound links. Limited social engagement.

Pro sites - These are professionally managed sites that are regularly updated with fresh content. Stronger social engagement. 

Pro+ sites - These sites have verified they have over 25K monthly UVs using Google Analytics (coming soon).

The 'All Considered' options lets you receive offers from the selected quality tier without specifying a max budget. 

A budget of at least $100 will attract offers from better sites, particularly if you're promoting well known brands.

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