What's the difference between sponsored, guest and self posts?

Guest posts are good for authors that want to build their profile and for SEO campaigns. Authors should include a descriptive author bio, preferably with a link to a social account, and avoid using keyword anchor texts in the bio. PostJoint is an independent intermediary so any publishers and marketers that arrange paid guest post deals do so at their own risk. Search engines and trade commissions around the world provide guidelines regarding paid advertising and you should follow these up in your relevant countries.

Sponsored posts are good for distribution of branded content. Links from these posts should use nofollow tags to comply with Google's policy on paid links and be clearly marked as sponsored. Just like guest posts, sponsored posts should provide real value to the readers, although its okay to mention your own brand or products within the article. 

Self posts are published under the blogger's own name, so no author byline is required from the marketer.

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