What are your usage rules and policies for dealing with problems?

Knowing the rules on PostJoint can help you to get the most out of the system and avoid potential problems down the road. PostJoint's rules and policies are intended to:
  • Minimise risk for all parties 
  • Protect intellectual property rights 
  • Provide an enjoyable experience 
  • Support the values of the PostJoint community
Please ensure that you fully read and understand these guidelines as well as our terms of service.

Rules for Marketers 
  • Payments should be made within 5 days directly to the publishers PayPal account - its important to pay on time so inform the publisher of any delays by messaging them (click on the message link from the post)
  • All posts must be in line with our content policy and offer good value to the readers
  • You cannot change your mind once you've accepted an offer (unless there is a good reason)
Rules for Publishers 
  • You can't edit the content or links without prior authorisation
  • You can't take posts down after a period of time, all posts should be permanent 
  • You can't charge recurring fees or offer other services through PostJoint
  • If problems occur and you can't resolve them, you should refund any fees and delete the post from your site
We have a fully automated post tracker in place that regularly checks all published posts and links. If a problem is found, the marketer or author of the post is notified so they can verify the problem before creating a problem report. 

Problem Reports 

Use the 'report problem' link from the post or offer page to report a problem. Once the problem is confirmed you will be given a chance to resolve the issue mutually. If that fails, you can escalate the problem to us after 5 days.

We will review the account history of the reported user and take one of the following actions:
  • Send a notice - If there is only one policy breach at that time, we won't limit their account straight away - a notice will be sent to them and we will keep monitoring the account
  • Limit account access - If there is more than one policy breach at that time (for example if there are two unpaid posts or two posts were taken down), their account access will be limited until the issues are resolved
  • Permanently block - If we see a pattern of repeated problems the account will be permanently blocked 
Limited account access means that users can still login to view transactions and resolve problems, but they cannot make any new offers or add any new posts.

If the reported users don't respond, there is nothing we can do apart from restrict their access. PostJoint is an independent intermediary and whilst we work hard to prevent problems, some are bound to occur. Overall, problems are rare and account for less than 3% of total activity.

If you published a post that you haven't been paid for, you can of course delete the post.

All problem reports are private and cannot be seen by others, nor are they added to your feedback profile.

Feedback Profiles

Feedback for all transactions can be edited at anytime. We allow this so our users can mutually resolve problems. Not to mention that genuine issues can occur with hosting, lost emails, locked PayPal accounts and even staff sickness.

If a problem report is made against you, you won't be able to leave or edit feedback for the user that reported you.

If unfair feedback has been left for you, contact our support team with details and we will retract if appropriate. 

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