Can I delete posts or links?

We conduct periodic reviews of all approved sites so you may find that your site is declined even after having already used the system. Or you may ask this question if you decide to close your account or delete a blog from the system.

PostJoint is an independent intermediary that helps marketers and publishers to arrange deals between themselves. We reserve the right to decline any user or site, in line with our terms of service.

When opening your account you accepted our terms and agreed to publish permanent posts that you've been paid for in good faith.

If you decide to delete published posts (or links) our post tracking system will identify this and your contact details will be given to the marketers to follow up with you directly. All of your approved sites will be blacklisted on our system and you will lose the right to ask for re-consideration

If for some reason you must delete published posts, please refund any fees that we're paid to you first, and notify the marketers using our messaging system.

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