How do private posts work?

Every post that you add to PostJoint creates a corresponding 'opportunity' for publishers to place offers on. You receive a maximum of five offers per post, of which you can only accept one. This helps PostJoint and the community to uphold our values of unique content.

If you like more than one offer, you can always create a private post opportunity. Private posts are available for sites that have previously made an offer to one of your posts. The opportunity is only seen by that particular site and nobody else can make offers on it. 

To create a private post:
  1. Navigate to any of your active, accepted or published posts 
  2. Click on the 'Private post' button from the drop-down next to the offer 
  3. Add the post content as usual
  4. The budget will be pre-filled based on the previous offer - we suggest keeping this the same, raising it, or selecting 'All Considered'
The publisher will have 7 days to respond, otherwise you can re-post it publicly to receive five offers as normal. 

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