How does your referral program work?

For every approved site that you refer to us, we'll reward you with free publishing credits:

5 free credits - Upcoming blogs with limited social interaction

20 free credits - Established sites with good levels of traffic and social interaction 

Simply use your unique referral link and share this on your blog and social media. You can also invite your friends and contacts by email. 

The referral system uses cookies with 3 months validity so it doesn't matter if the person you referred does not sign up straight away - you'll still get the credits if they sign up a week or a month later. You can track your referrals from Account > Credits (only approved referrals will show up).

Keep our site approval policy in mind so that you don't waste your time by inviting sites that will not be accepted!

Zero spam tolerance

Please do not send unsolicited messages, spam on forums / blogs, or do anything else that could damage PostJoint's reputation. We actively monitor for such activity and this will result in an immediate and permanent ban. 

Can I refer my own sites?

No! This system is for referring others only. Having multiple accounts would be very difficult to manage.

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