How much does it cost?

All new users start with 20 free credits, and everyone gets 5 free credits per month applied on the 1st. This means you can use PostJoint on-going for free. 

Advanced users can buy more credits at anytime for as little as $1.50 each. Credits are used each time you secure a new deal, but they are not deducted until you have been paid, meaning you only pay on results.
  • The more credits you buy, the cheaper they are
  • Credits do not have an expiry date
  • There is no charge for making offers
  • Credits are not used when you publish a post for free

The number of credits used depends on the amount you have been paid for the post. One credit is used for each block of $20, so if you've been paid $100, you'll need 5 credits to publish the post. We always round downwards, so if you've been paid $90, it'll cost 4 credits. 

You can take advantage of our referral program and earn free credits for referring your friends.

All payments are securely processed by our third party providers Stripe and PayPal. 

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