How much does it cost?

Our pricing is based around credits with no monthly payments. We start you off with 10 free credits that you can use to fully test the system without buying anything. After that, you can buy more credits at anytime for as little as $1 each. 
  1. One credit is used each time you add a post to the system 
  2. Additional credits are used each time you have a post published
Credits are sold in packages, the more you buy, the cheaper they are:

  • Credits do not have an expiry date
  • If you cancel / delete a post before getting offers, no credits are used
The number of credits used for having posts published depends on the quality tier of the site:

Example Costs
  • If you purchase a pack of 250 credits for $375, each credit costs $1.50
  • Adding a post costs 1 credit / $1.50
  • Publishing a post on a basic site costs 2 credits / $3, bringing the total to 3 credits / $4.50
  • Publishing a post on a pro site costs 3 credits / $4.50, bringing the total to 4 credits / $6
Why do you charge for adding posts?

It costs one credit to add a post, with credits costing as little as $1 each. The first repost is also free, meaning you can get up to 10 offers for $1. We charge a small fee for adding posts to prevent abuse of reposting and to keep our publishers happy with better accept rates.

All payments are securely processed by our third party provider Stripe. 

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