I have received an unnatural outbound links notice. What shall I do?

Outbound link warnings from Google are not necessarily due to any posts that you've published via PostJoint. If you have been participating in other platforms, have excess outbound links, or other obvious spam signals are present - these can also cause the manual action. 

If you believe the action is because of posts you've published via PostJoint, as a courtesy please contact the relevant marketers to let them know you've had an ‘unnatural outbound links notice' and that you will be complying by ‘no following’ the links. It's in the marketers' interest that you comply because of their association to your site. Once you've cleared the suspect links up, you can submit a reconsideration request to Google.

With disputes over links, it's hard for us to enforce anything or mediate due to the risks and variables involved. We are an independent intermediary that fosters connections and streamlines the process, but how the system is used is ultimately down to the parties involved. 

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