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  1. Are the sites good quality?

  2. Can I delete posts or links?

  3. Can I edit the content or links?

  4. Can I have both types of accounts?

  5. How can I control the opportunities I receive?

  6. How can I improve my offer accept rate?

  7. How can I manage multiple campaigns, websites or clients?

  8. How do I add images and videos?

  9. How do I close / delete my account?

  10. How do I re-submit a declined blog?

  11. How do I send a payment to a publisher?

  12. How do I target the sites I want offers from?

  13. How do private posts work?

  14. How does PostJoint work?

  15. How does PostJoint work?

  16. How does your affiliate programme work?

  17. How does your referral program work?

  18. How much can I earn with PostJoint?

  19. How much does it cost?

  20. How much does it cost?

  21. How useful is PostJoint for SEO?

  22. I have received an unnatural outbound links notice. What shall I do?

  23. My fee has not been paid. What shall I do?

  24. What are your quality tiers based on?

  25. What are your usage rules and policies for dealing with problems?

  26. What if an offer is poor quality or irrelevant?

  27. What if I don't want to write the content myself?

  28. What if my content gets copied or stolen?

  29. What if my posts are deleted or edited?

  30. What is your acceptable content policy?

  31. What is your account approval policy?

  32. What is your blog approval policy?

  33. What's the difference between sponsored, guest and self posts?

  34. Who creates the content and is it unique?

  35. Who owns the content after its published?

  36. Why can't I see any opportunities in my account?

  37. Why do I get a login error saying 'This page does not exist or you are not permitted to access it'?

  38. Why does PostJoint say my site already exists?

  39. Why have you limited my opportunities?

  40. Why haven't I received any offers yet?

  41. Will Google penalise me for using PostJoint?

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