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    Laura Ginn commented  · 

    I can see two issues with this Andrei:

    1 - Your site is a dropped domain. I have blocked your blog time and time again from bidding on my posts because I do not want to place articles on a spam (in Google's eyes) website. Not only that, but you publish articles on numerous subjects and link to any old website so your site is now, in effect, a link farm.

    2 - Completely disregarding the point above, you want to charge people for no-follow links. However, you have realised that most of the people on this site are only after do-follow links so you are charging for these and then moaning that it is against Google's terms of service. No-one is making you charge for these links (I presume you can still offer your blog for free), and no-one is making you publish do-follow links. You simple just avoid all "guest posts" on this site and opt for the "sponsored posts" instead. The problem you are finding is that most people will not publish an article containing a no-follow link. Advertisors will only do this when the site is high quality and is going to be beneficial for them traffic-wise.

    No offense, but I don't know why anyone in their right mind would pay for a no-follow link on your blog, and this doesn't seem to be the right platform for you. Postjoint isn't breaking Google's terms of service, it is down to each individual blogger to weigh up what they think is right and act accordingly. You can't have your cake and eat it.

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